Best Practices in K-12 STEM Research

at Green Bank Observatory

Sharing best practices in K-12 STEM research experiences to inform the community and increase opportunities.

It is often stated that solving the global challenges presented by the 21st century requires a United States workforce with training in STEM fields, and that the STEM workforce may be insufficient to fill that need. Education research literature in STEM suggests that engaging students early and often in authentic research experiences enhances STEM identity, STEM self-efficacy, and STEM career interest: three personal attributes that are linked to entry into and persistence on a STEM career pathway. Much of this literature is focused on college students, however. This workshop convened people and organizations who have designed and implemented research experiences for high school students, and who teamed up to examine the role such experiences can play in the development of a student’s interest and STEM identity. The workshop created a forum for sharing, gathering community input, and illuminating best practices in providing research experiences to high school students and organizing such research activities across universities, labs, and observatories. A report synthesizing the rich dialogue and diverse perspectives is under development.

Meanwhile, check out the workshop topics links below, as well as our resources and participants pages. If you would like to add to the conversation, we welcome you! Please contact Sue Ann Heatherly, for more information

Workshop Topics

Defining K-12 Research

Surveying the field and synthesizing best practices
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Identifying Barriers and Forming Recommendations

Workshop Organizers

[Sophie de Saint Georges]

STEM Educator, Green Bank Observatory

[Sue Ann Heatherly]

Senior Education Officer, Green Bank Observatory

[Karen O'Neil]

Scientist, Green Bank Observatory

[Derrick Pitts]

Chief Astronomer, The Franklin Institute

Workshop Facilitator

[Tim Spuck]

Director of Education and Public Engagement, AUI

[Madge Vosteen]

Project Coordinator,

Green Bank Observatory

[Amanda White]

Public Outreach Manager,
Green Bank Observatory